Relaxation Massage (Swedish)
This is the most common massage which uses gentle strokes and touch to calm. It lowers blood pressure while clearing the mind and restoring the sense of well being.
$30: 1/2 hour
$50: 1 hour
Deep Tissue/Sport Massage
It works the deep layers of the muscle tissue and helps reduce chronic stiffness and pain (great for people with chronic back pain). Promotes better posture and functioning and addresses trigger point issues.
$55: 1 hour
Hot Stone Therapy
This massage uses smooth stones heated in water and placed on specific points of the body to promote deeper muscle relaxation. The entire massage is done using heated stones in the hands to provide additional heat and weight, deepening muscle relaxation.
$70: 1 hour
image of a client receiving a stone massage
This massage is given before, during, and after birth to relax, reduce pain, and to have a calming effect on both mom and baby.
$55: 1 hour
Seated Chair Massage
10 min: $10
20 min: $20
($1 per min)
image of a client receiving a chair massage
Other Services Available
(Upon Request)
Foot or Hand Soak and Massage
Ear Candling
Image of a creek with massage hands overlay

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